Nestled close to the Rocky Mountain foothills in southern Alberta, Magrath is justly proud to be known as the Garden City. Its extensive irrigation systems were one of the first major works of its kind in Canada. In 1899, recognizing the potential of the excellent soil conditions in the area, the Alberta Railway and Irrigation Company hired skilled Mormons from Utah and Idaho to construct irrigation systems. Payment for these workers was part cash and part land and they eventually settled in Magrath and its surrounding area.

Today, Magrath is a small vibrant community, welcoming old and young alike and known for its natural beauty and its outstanding quality of life. Golf, horseback ride, play tennis and ski in the region's various facilities. Marvel at the abundant wildlife, vast mountains, open spaces and clean pure air.

Magrath accommodations include campground and RV park.

Magrath Accommodations Listings

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Covered Wagon R.V. Park RV/Camping Magrath Box 473, 234W - 5th Ave. South
LindenBaum B&B B&B Magrath 234 West 5th Ave. South Request Info

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