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The Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology in Drumheller

Drumheller is about 90 minutes from Calgary. The drive there covers a great deal of prairie farmland and wide-open spaces. There was not much to see in March, but we were treated to a snowy owl sitting on a fence post, looking at the world hurtling by. In our party, I was the only one who had seen the badlands before. To keep the sudden shock of the change of terrain a surprise, I did not mention it much to the rest of our group. When you drive into Drumheller there’s a sudden downhill and you are abruptly faced with […]

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5 Secrets of Waterton Alberta

Kayla of Waymarker Hospitality who represents Waterton Lakes Lodge Resort, Crandell Mountain Lodge and Aspen Village provides her favourite “secrets” of the Waterton Lakes National Park area. Snowshoe into Crandell Lake in the winter and picnic in the camp shelter Rent a paddle boat or canoe from Cameron Lake Boat rentals Enjoy delicious coffee, healthy food options and free wifi from the relaxing and cozy Pearl’s Cafe Do the Crypt Lake Hike, which was rated one of Canada’s best hikes in the past Take the International Boat Cruise with Waterton Shoreline Cruise Co. to Goat Haunt, Montana  

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There’s Much to See and Do in Southern Alberta

Lethbridge is a fascinating city with a rich western history. First established as a trading post, it expanded with the coming of the railway and the development of coal mines. In the 1920s and 1930s it had the reputation of being the wickedest town in western Canada. It was noteworthy for its unchecked gambling, drinking and associated unsavoury activity. Now it is a town with a fine university and a number of highly civilized attractions. Dominating the city is a high-level railway bridge that is said to be the longest and highest of its type. The steel bridge, which replaced […]

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What to See and Do in “The Hat”

Driving west from Regina on the Trans Canada Highway you come to Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park spanning the border between Saskatchewan and Alberta. In the Alberta section of the park alone there are 50 km of hiking trails. Hiking lets you fully appreciate the moving beauty of the prairies and coulees. See especially the view from the Horseshoe Canyon Viewpoint and the outlook at Reesor Lake. The sunsets viewed from the park are really spectacular. After a walk in the park do stop in the small city of Medicine Hat. It has been promoted as “Gas Town” and is now […]

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Waterton Alberta in a Hurry

The editors of this website asked local businesses for the essential recommendations for Waterton. We asked them: “If you imagine that someone has come to you and they are on a totally tight time line, and asked you these questions, what would you tell them?” 1. Where should I eat that I should not miss in Waterton? Answer:Bel Lago Ristorante, 110 Waterton Ave., Waterton Park, AB 2. If I only have time for one outdoor activity, what should I see or do in Waterton? Answer:Go hiking! 3. Is there a museum or cultural site that is a must-see to represent […]

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Spruce Meadows

If you have enjoyed the televised events from Spruce Meadows, then a visit to the Spruce Meadows facility during one of their major events should be on your “to do” list if you are visiting southern Alberta.   It is an amazing facility and so well run by the staff and volunteers.  Come prepared for all sorts of weather conditions, this is Calgary after all. For any horse crazed person there is just so much more to the place than what is shown on TV.   The International Ring is huge but, there are other events going on in rings that never […]

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Southern Alberta Overview

Check out the Remington Carriage Museum in Cardston and enjoy your very own carriage ride! Brooks Alberta is a athlete’s sportsman’s paradise with ample opportunity for hunting and fishing. Visit nearby Kinbrook Island Provincial Park, Alberta’s largest manmade lake, where water sports and fishing are among the most popular activities. Climb into the mouth of the world’s largest dinosaur (25 m/ 80 ft tall) in Drumheller for a unique view of the Drumheller valley! Medicine Hat Alberta was named because of a battle between the Cree and Blackfoot Indians on the Alberta River. The Crees’ Medicine Man lost his headdress […]

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