Best Place to Stay in Lac La Biche

Best Place to Stay in Lac La Biche
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A review from an Alberta traveller

I have had the pleasure of staying at BCM Inn in Lac La Biche many times while travelling enroute back to Fort McMurray from business trips to other cities, as it shortens the distance of travel of what is usually a long trip. This  is not only an advantage in terms of safety but also a nice place to relax before returning back home.  The rooms are very clean, accommodating (microwave, fridge, stove, kitchenette, etc.) and spacious, and well kept in general. Speaking as a seasoned and experienced Alberta traveller, I must say this is an exceptionally maintained place. I have never been disappointed with the room or service. I would definitely recommend that anyone travelling back to Fort Mac on a long drive take a break and stay here, get some rest and finish your trip safely and well rested. I must commend Cora for being an exemplary host on every occasion and truly exceeding the customers expectations of service.