Banff: Lynxes and Cougars and Bears …

The town of Banff is inside Banff National Park. It’s weird because there’s been fairly intense development around the Banff townsite since the early 90s and there’s a contradiction between preserving natural spaces and catering to the latte and snacks needs of tourists.

The result of the simultaneous development and wildlife preservation is the fact you can have encounters with wildlife in Banff.

If wildlife viewing is part of what you want to do in Banff, I recommend this article from the Globe and Mail. Globe Banff Wildlife

Big cats in the wild are really tough to casually encounter — even if you really want to. Most people would like to see them, but are often scared spit-less when they do.

These are the three creatures I would like to see, but not surprise or irritate.


This is the most difficult to see. They are secretive and stunningly beautiful. This footage found here lynx family near Lake Louise.


To get an idea of why you don’t want to meet a cougar, check out the video here
cougar nocturnal video.

Furthermore an interesting story of a cougar encounter was recently reported here
cougar and skateboarder.

Despite such events, the cougars play a role in balancing out deer and elk populations and are majestic animals that should be preserved and respected.


There are two types of bears in Banff National Park. Black Bears and Grizzly Bears. The black ones, which are sometimes brown, are huge. Grizzlies are enormous. You are more likely to bump into bears on Banff trails than the cats. The trick with bears is follow the advice of the Parks Services and please … don’t wear earbuds on trails.

This Parks Canada site will give you the information you need wildlife rules for your Banff wildlife experience.

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