Edmonton Overview

  • In 1795, the Hudson’s Bay Company founded Fort Edmonton, a location where traders bartered with Cree and Blackfoot Indians for furs.
  • Spend a day at the Provincial Museum of Alberta which overlooks the North Saskatchewan River. Consisting of four galleries, visitors are able to see beneath the prairie surface, see the inside of a mountain stream, and examine the deep layers of frost beneath the winter snow.
  • Visitors will have to set aside an entire day to really take in the monstrous West Edmonton Mall. Open 24 hours a day, this is the largest shopping and entertainment complex in the world with 800 stores, 110 restaurants, 19 theatres, and 7 major attractions (which include the world’s largest indoor waterpark and wave pool, an NHL size skating rink, and a gargantuan amusement park, among others!).
  • Elk Island National Park was established in 1906 as a wildlife preserve with buffalo, elk and beaver roaming free. Explore this wild park on cross-country skis, or take pictures as you drive through.
  • Fort Edmonton Park is the ultimate interactive heritage museum, where four periods of Edmonton‘s development are recreated by costumed guides. Learn how to make soap, toss horseshoes, or bake bread. Ride a 1908 streetcar, or a 1919 steam train.
  • Klondike Days happen each July, and although not as popular as the Calgary Stampede, generate quite an excitement in Edmonton. Eat pancakes, enjoy the entertainment, and join in the celebration of Edmonton‘s role as gateway to the gold fields of the Yukon.

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