Top ten things to see and do in Edmonton

1.  Fort Edmonton Park

It’s a really cool trek through history that will keep adults and kids alike entertained for hours.  You travel back through four time periods between 1846 and 1929 and end up at the old Fort — the earliest European settlement in the area and a key part of the fur trade.  Ride or walk through the pioneer times and enjoy activities ranging from riding the steam train or a streetcar, going for a pony ride, trying out the shooting gallery, miniature golf or riding the midway.  From fast food to an old-fashioned candy store to high tea at the Selkirk Hotel — there’s plenty of variety something for everyone.  At $55.00 for a family admission, Fort Edmonton Park is a full day of fun and activity for the whole family.

2.  Millennium Place

While not technically in Edmonton, this facility is a short drive East of the city in the bedroom community of Sherwood Park.  This is a great place to go if you want to tire out your kids without spending too much coin.  For the family admission price of $18.75 you have access to the wave pool with the indoor splash park, the indoor playground, skating rink and fitness centre with indoor track, among other amenities.  There is also a large foyer with tables and several places to buy drinks and snacks, including a Second Cup coffee bar.

3.  Whyte Avenue

Located on the South side of the river near the University of Alberta, Whyte Avenue is a fun and funky strip of shops, restaurants, cafes and bookstores.  It’s also the home to several theatre companies and the largest Farmer’s Market in Edmonton which runs on Saturday mornings.  The market is a veritable mish mash of organic meats, vegetables, honey, baking, handicrafts, wine and the list goes on.  They also have a caf

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