Waterton Alberta in a Hurry

The editors of this website asked local businesses for the essential recommendations for Waterton.

We asked them: “If you imagine that someone has come to you and they are on a totally tight time line, and asked you these questions, what would you tell them?”

1. Where should I eat that I should not miss in Waterton?

Answer:Bel Lago Ristorante, 110 Waterton Ave., Waterton Park, AB

2. If I only have time for one outdoor activity, what should I see or do in Waterton?

Go hiking!

3. Is there a museum or cultural site that is a must-see to represent Waterton?

Prince of Wales Hotel (1927). Built as a National Historic Site. SR 17 & Hwy. 6, Waterton Park, AB and Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump

Thanks to Terri and Mike of the Waterton River Suites for the contribution.

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