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5 Travel Tips for Airdrie

Taylor at the Super 8 Airdrie has these five tips for you to better enjoy your Airdrie Alberta stay. The naturally formed hoodoo formations in and around Drumheller Alberta, are well worth the visit. With plenty of walking/biking trails, for both the experienced and the inexperienced, this is a great tourist location, for families and individuals! Running out of packing space? Try rolling shirts/pants into bundles, creating more space for smaller items! Also try using a shower cap to prevent dirt from shoes spreading to other articles of clothing, put socks/under wear inside your shoes to maximize space. The Calgary […]

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Red Deer? There’s Stuff to do in Red Deer?

If you’re visiting Central Alberta any time in the near future, chances are that you will have to pass by Red Deer in order to travel between Edmonton and Calgary. As Alberta’s third largest city, Red Deer does have several destinations of interest that are worth checking out if you have a day to spare (especially if you bring a young family). Red Deer hosts Alberta’s Sports Hall of Fame and one could easily spend a whole day discovering the province’s sports heritage through interactive games, artifacts, art galleries, and lectures exploring everything from hockey to cricket. An entire family […]

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