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Beer, Glorious Beer.

Oh beer, where would we be without your delightful burst on our palates and how would the English language function without such magical expressions such as “wobbly-pop”, “pea-eyed”, and the ever popular “%$#@-faced?” Well, I don’t know… but I do know that I enjoy beer. I enjoy beer so much that when Edmonton hosted its inaugural Craft Beer Festival in June 2013, my heart was a tingle with anticipatory delight. Let me tell you, this event rocks and if you are in the area and have a day to completely throw away (well… you’re probably throwing away the next day […]

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Edmonton’s Best Dog Walks – Part 2

On the weekend I revisited my old stomping grounds with my new pooch. There is a beautiful large off leash area in the same valley as the Valley Zoo. At the bottom of the hill leading to the zoo, you have the option to turn right (towards the zoo and Laurier Park) or left towards the rowing club and the off-leash area. There is parking along the road, a parking lot a little further around the bend, and overflow parking at the end of the road where the rowing club is. The hours to park in the rowing club lot […]

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Edmonton’s Best Dog Walks – Part 3

This morning started off with a scramble and ended up with more lovely discoveries of Edmonton‘s glorious river valley. Because we were running late this morning, I ended up driving my daughter to school which had the potential to throw off my morning river valley walk. However, after I dropped her off at school, I parked the vehicle and headed with my dog down into the river valley. I took the trail down from Concordia College and alongside the golf course to the base of the Capilano Bridge. Wait, make that the Gretzky Bridge. (If you’re from Edmonton, you’ll know […]

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My favorite Edmonton dog walks – Part 1

I have recently moved home to Edmonton and am rediscovering this city through the fresh eyes of a newcomer. As a recent new dog momma, I have spent the last several months exploring great places to walk my pooch.  I had originally planned to do a list of my favorites, but as I started to write I realized that I had a lot more to say about the individual walks than I thought!  So here is the first of what I hope to be a series of articles about my favorite places to walk my dog.  Of course, you can […]

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Top ten things to see and do in Edmonton

1.  Fort Edmonton Park It’s a really cool trek through history that will keep adults and kids alike entertained for hours.  You travel back through four time periods between 1846 and 1929 and end up at the old Fort — the earliest European settlement in the area and a key part of the fur trade.  Ride or walk through the pioneer times and enjoy activities ranging from riding the steam train or a streetcar, going for a pony ride, trying out the shooting gallery, miniature golf or riding the midway.  From fast food to an old-fashioned candy store to high […]

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West Edmonton Mall

In a word “W-O-W!!”.  It is huge and so packed with stuff, the best way to describe it would be to think of combining a huge mall with a sports/community centre, throw in parts of a wild animal park with an amusement park and then some. If you can’t find it, you just haven’t looked far enough and long enough.  I was able to spend parts of three days exploring and I never really got a chance to see the second level.  There is a full sized ice rink, a swimming pool and water slide complex, a mock up of […]

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Edmonton Overview

In 1795, the Hudson’s Bay Company founded Fort Edmonton, a location where traders bartered with Cree and Blackfoot Indians for furs. Spend a day at the Provincial Museum of Alberta which overlooks the North Saskatchewan River. Consisting of four galleries, visitors are able to see beneath the prairie surface, see the inside of a mountain stream, and examine the deep layers of frost beneath the winter snow. Visitors will have to set aside an entire day to really take in the monstrous West Edmonton Mall. Open 24 hours a day, this is the largest shopping and entertainment complex in the […]

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