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The Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology in Drumheller

Drumheller is about 90 minutes from Calgary. The drive there covers a great deal of prairie farmland and wide-open spaces. There was not much to see in March, but we were treated to a snowy owl sitting on a fence post, looking at the world hurtling by. In our party, I was the only one who had seen the badlands before. To keep the sudden shock of the change of terrain a surprise, I did not mention it much to the rest of our group. When you drive into Drumheller there’s a sudden downhill and you are abruptly faced with […]

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Delta Calgary South – a Dual Nature

This is a dual minded hotel. I am thinking it was maybe two hotels that the Delta acquired and made into conjoined twins. In the Atrium side, there’s a really nice wide open spot to have breakfast, which is a decent buffet. It’s a bit pricy when the kids don’t dig in. The open atrium is surrounded by hotel rooms which reminded me of the really, really old Holiday Inns, except those ones were roofless and a swimming pool was in the middle. Speaking of kids, there was a nice, fast water slide on the Tower side. Both front desks […]

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Boston Pizza, Calgary Style

Going to Boston Pizza in Calgary, when the chain’s head office is in Richmond BC, when I’m Vancouver-based makes little sense except for 2 reasons. It was near my hotel and my friend’s house, specifically 232-6455 MacLeod Trail SW. And, it is very kid friendly. While the adults did the “blah blah I haven’t seen you in years blah blah” there was a substantial colouring and games book to amuse the younger patrons, along with a children’s menu. Perhaps one of the signs of either the rise or fall of civilization in Alberta is the 32 oz schooner of beer. […]

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The Calgary Zoo

We had the pleasure of a morning visit to the Calgary Zoo on a cool March day. It was dry and there zoo was not crowded. I think there were more moms and strollers than anyone else! The zoo itself is not huge but it’s got a good spacious feel to it. The first exhibit was the Penguin Plunge, which was the most convincing penguin habitat I’d ever seen. Bored penguins standing around was replaced by space for them to dive and swim while being observed by we monkeys. Gentoo, Humboldt, King and Rockhopper Penguins were all represented. The Canadian […]

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Banff Springs Hotel still makes Banff Special

On our long road to Calgary, we stopped in Banff because two of the passengers had never seen it. When I first visited Banff back in 1990, there was still the small resort town feel in the middle of Banff National Park. This feeling has been eroded by the growth of the town site. However, the real gem of Banff is the Banff Springs Hotel. You have to drive through the entire town to reach it, but it’s worth the detour. There is street parking near the main doors or you can pay for parking in one of their lots. […]

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